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Mayware Formula IV

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Mayware Formula IV
9 Inch Tonearm


Mayware Formula IV

9 Inch tonearm

Previously fitted to a Thorens TD160 Super, this is the Mk3 version of the lovely Mayware Formula 4. This one is in excellent physical condition and full working order. The unipivot bearing is fine, geometry is fine and full left & right signal continuity from headshell tags to RCA plugs.

The following information is from the excellent website:-

“The Formula 4 pick up arm has been designed to obtain the best possible reproduction from both ultra high or low compliance cartridges. Consequently, the music will be far more realistic dependant only on the particular cartridge used and the recording quality of the record being played. Suitable for a wide range of turntables by various manufacturers due to it's compact dimensions.”


• Effective length: 224mm
• Mounting distance: 209 to 215mm
• Mounting hole: 25mm
• Pivot friction: less than 5mg in any plane
• Effective mass: low and variable
• Pivot: inverted hardened steel pin pivoting on a jewelled bearing damped by viscous silicone fluid
• Tracking force: 0 to 3g is achieved with a small cursor which slides along the calibrated aluminium tube.

As stylus compliance increases less effective mass is required; less compliant stylus assemblies require more effective mass than highly compliant assemblies do. Generally, low compliance cartridges require more tracking force than high compliance cartridges. Thus, the cursor of the arm increases slightly effective mass of the arm and stylus at the same time. Bias compensation: Adjustable to correspond with tracking force, provided by variable weights applying torque around the alloy and perspex hub in the correct horizontal plane in relation to the pivot point, ensuring complete stability. Hydraulic lift and cueing device: an oil-damped device, fully adjustable for correct cueing Static low frequency response: The fundamental resonance will vary according to stylus compliance.

“It is well worth considering to complement any of today's turntables requiring a separate pickup arm. It's performance and styling are good enough to put alongside the best and it's price will not upset the budget balance if used with more moderately priced decks.”

(Formula 4 mark III £69.50 Gramophone 1979).

The instruction manual is a downloaded print-out from

£175 (GBP)

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