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JBL CenturyL100

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JBL Century L100
Legendary Monitors


JBL Century L100

Legendary Monitors

A rare find - especially in this condition. These legendary JBL monitors are In full working order and excellent physical condition.

Three very minor things to mention:

1). There was one tiny dimple on the centre dust-cover on one tweeter. We used some strong tape to pop this out but it has left a little discolouration on the dust-cover dome (see picture 5). This is purely cosmetic and will have no effect on performance.

2). You might remember these used to have a little foam ‘halo’ around the tweeter chassis, hiding the lead wires. As always happens with foam of this age, these have long since turned to dust. Again, this will have zero effect on performance.

3). One little nylon grill retaining stud/dowel is missing (see the right-hand speaker in the first picture). Again, this has no effect on performance and the grill stays securely fixed. This would be a simple thing to resolve if it bothers you.

The following information is from the excellent hifiengine.com website:

“When it was found that musicians, engineers and other discriminating professionals in increasing numbers were purchasing the JBL studio monitor for home use, JBL introduced the L100 - acoustically identical to the studio monitor, yet offering provocative styling appropriate to the home environment.”


• Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system
• Power Handling: 50W
• Crossover Frequency: 1500, 6000Hz
• Impedance: 8Ω
• Sensitivity: 78dB
• Bass: 1 x 123A-3 Aquaplas
• Midrange: 1 x LE5-2
• Tweeter: 1 x LE25
• Grille: G100 cloth
• Dimensions: 362 x 597 x 346mm
• Weight: 25kg (each)

The original owner had these on the trolley stands seen in the pictures. The new owner can have these for free on collection if required,

The last picture is from the 1977 Hi-Fi Year Book, when these retailed at around £500 - big bucks in 1977.

£1,365 Pair

Payment accepted via Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Personal Cheque or cash on collection.

Personal collection only for these from Caterham Surrey (M25, Jctn 6). Alternatively we can deliver in person within 50 miles for petrol money.


Please contact us either by telephone on 01883 340073
or by sending and email to enquiries@retrotechaudio.co.uk
if you are interested in purchasing this item.


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