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Technics SL-110

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Technics SL-110
Transcription Turntable


Technics SL-110

Transcription Turntable

Ready to accommodate and 9 inch tonearm with an SME type bed-plate fitting, his quality vintage ‘Made in Japan’ turntable is in full working order and good physical condition. There are some light polishing swirls on the acrylic cover but the deck itself is very nice. It comes with its original user manual

The following information is from the excellent website:

The SL-110 turntable features an ultra-large diameter platter weighing 2kg and having high inertial moment. The platter is dynamically balanced and around the rim it has strobo marks to check for speed. The motor is of the direct drive type and has no wow or flutter caused by a transmission mechanism. There is no vibration because the motor has no high speed rotation mechanism and rumble is extremely low. Because the motor in the SL-110 includes an electronic commutator, starting is perfectly accurate. There is no speed instability or brush deterioration as is often noted in brush commutators, no pulse noise and no sound caused by rubbing brushes. Speed is stabilised electronically. Interestingly the motor consumes less than 1/100th that of a conventional AC motor.


• Type: manual turntable
• Drive method: direct drive
• Motor: brushless DC motor
• Platter: 350mm aluminium diecast
• Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
• Pitch control: 10%
• Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS
• Rumble: -70dB
• Dimensions: 510 x 390 x 195mm
• Weight: 13.0kg (with dust cover)


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