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Tannoy Lancaster - Aug 18

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Tannoy Lancasters


Pair of 15 inch Tannoy Lancasters

Classic Monitor Gold (LSU/HF/15/8)

Originally purchased direct from Tannoy in Canterbury Grove in 1972, the original owner was a personal acquaintance of Guy Fountain and requested black speaker cloth instead of the traditional beige. Guy accommodated him by arranging for some very unusual black cloth to be used in their assembly. It’s easy to see that these are completely original grille cloths and fitted during manufacture, as there is no evidence whatsoever of these having been changed. You just try to change the cloth on a pair of these without leaving any evidence. Impossible. You will notice that there are no paper labels on the rear of the cabinets. There are also no staple holes where these would have been attached. This is because they were made with custom cloth especially for the original owner. The close-up picture of the Tannoy lightning badge clearly shown that this is original Tannoy grille cloth

These are all original and unmolested. The cabinets have just been opened for the first time today for the pictures. The cabinets themselves are good and solid, with just a few light blemishes - but nothing at all nasty and nothing at all that would put you off. The grilles are nice, with no sagging.

These sound exactly as they should – absolutely wonderful.


Payment accepted via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Personal Cheque or cash on collection. The price include free personal delivery within 100 miles of CR3 5UF. We will also be prepared to deliver in person to the French ports of Calais or Dieppe for the price of the crossing. We’ve done this before and it works very well for the buyer.

We will be happy to discuss any shipping methods you suggest so shipping worldwide is a possibility.


Please contact us either by telephone on 01883 340073
or by sending and email to enquiries@retrotechaudio.co.uk
if you are interested in purchasing this item.


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