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Mission 70 - Aug 20

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Mission 70
A quality pair of British Bookshelf Speakers


Mission 70

A quality pair of British bookshelf speakers.

Not to be confused with later versions of the 70, these original mid 80’s models sound fabulous.

You will never see a pair of these lovely little monitors with the foam surrounds still intact, because the foam will turn to dust over the years - BUT these have recently been re-foamed and now they now sound exactly as they did all those years ago when they were justifiably highly regarded by the hi-fi press.

The following information and specifications are from the excellent hifiengine.com website:

“The Mission 70 is an extraordinary state of the art product. The design objective was to manufacture the most compact loudspeaker system which was nevertheless capable of reproducing the extremities of the audible frequency range. This resulted in a true hi-fidelity speaker system capable of handling musical materials with exceptional dynamic range, including digital master tapes, and remaining linear at all listening levels.

Here we should point out that many loudspeakers can only create the excitement and dynamics of music when played at loud levels. In fact, it is a tragedy for the consumer that most Hi-Fi systems sound no better than a transistor radio when played at low levels. Indeed, this is why cheap amplifiers offer a loudness control to artificially compensate for these inherent weaknesses, and it requires dedicated manufacturers to avoid such complex pitfalls.

The 70 is manufactured of sandwiched construction to dampen and distribute enclosure resonances and uses sculptured MDF for the baffle board. The bass unit is a high quality Mission product with a unique cone design and a quality 19mm ferrofluid damped dome tweeter.

The filter is a full multi-component design incorporating Mission's own electrolytic capacitors and low saturation inductors. The driver geometry is inverted in the novel Mission style resulting in superb three dimensional stereo stage. The total design is carefully integrated to result in a wide bandwidth system free of unwanted resonances, distortions, frequency response anomalies and colourations.

The 70s are recommended for use on bookshelves or stands and with amplifiers ranging from 20W to 75W per channel.”


• Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system
• Frequency Response: 60Hz to 20kHz
• Recommended Amplifier: 20 to 60W
• Crossover Frequency: 3400Hz
• Impedance: 6Ω
• Sensitivity: 90dB
• Bass: 1 x 177mm plastiflexed cone
• Tweeter: 1 x 19mm ferrofluid cooled polymer dome
• Enclosure: 12 litre
• Finish: black
• Dimensions: 350 x 210 x 210mm
• Weight: 10kg
• Year: 1985


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Please contact us either by telephone on 01883 340073
or by sending and email to enquiries@retrotechaudio.co.uk
if you are interested in purchasing this item.


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