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MF Elektra E100

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Musical Fidelity Elektra E100
Integrated Amplifier


Musical Fidelity Elektra E100

Integrated Amplifier

The Elektra E100 amplifier with integrated MM phono stage was the flagship and the most powerful integrated amplifier in the popular E series from Musical Fidelity. The amplifier has a large power capacity and produces 70 watts per channel driven into 8 ohms of excellent sound with exceptionally low distortion.

The amplifier has 5 line inputs, one phono into a superb quality phono stage, 2 XLR inputs, pre-amplifier output and power amplifier input, so it can be used as pre- or power amplifier.

The following extract is from ‘Hi-Fi Review’ magazine:-

“The sound the E100 produces is very satisfying indeed. The amplifier gives a solid, credible account of apparently any material it is presented with, and possibly flatters it slightly as well. Many amplifiers give such a 'warts-and-all' rendition of source material as to make one suspect that they have deliberately set out to emphasize the warts-which, as we all know, are there to be found in most recordings if one probes deeply enough. Such is not the case with the E100, which gives very pleasing results on virtually everything, providing a focused, detailed sound stage without ever coming across as excessively clinical. Its spectral balance is clean, smooth and transparent, with no tendency to over-emphasize any specific areas. Its breadth does justice to the most demanding orchestral work, and at the same time it provides all the tangible punch required for rock music at reasonable levels. At very high volumes it begins to show signs of strain earlier than its rated power output might suggest, but under normal listening conditions such levels would rarely be reached to be fair, Musical Fidelity warn against excessive volume in the manual.

At the other end of the range, smaller-scale musical material is delivered with a fine sense of detail and space, and the same tightly locked stereo image as prevails with the more exuberant s tuff. I found its performance at low, background-type volumes interesting, as the presence and fullness of the sound seemed better preserved than one might normally expect, with, for example, the same feeling of real movement on deep bass notes as at more realistic levels. The LP record input, so often an apparent afterthought these days, performs impeccably, with a very low noise floor and fine rendition of detail, dynamics and frequency extremes. In all respects this is an amplifier I should be happy to live with.

At £600 the E100 sits significantly above the budget end of the market, but is reasonably priced in terms of the audiophile bracket in which it undoubtedly belongs. It is an attractive unit which in spite of its distinctive styling would blend well with most settings and most other equipment, and its sonic performance is very impressive indeed, capable of providing long stretches of satisfying listening with an attention to detail which refreshes without ever tiring - quite an achievement.”

This comes with original MF remote control and mains cable.

£285 (GBP)

Payment accepted via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Personal Cheque or cash on collection.

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