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Kef 104ab - Aug 21

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Pair of KEF 104aB Reference Monitors
True 1970's British Classics


Pair of KEF 104aB Reference Monitors

True 1970’s British Classics

With their original styrene packaging, these glorious monitors are in full & perfect working order – sounding exactly as they should: deep effortless bass, clear midrange and sweet, sweet treble. Listen to these with your ears instead of your eyes and you’ll quickly understand just how good British speakers from the 70’s and 80’s were and how many modern designs turn-out to be expensive ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.

You will often see these on auction websites pictured with weird replacement bass drivers or non-standard tweeters. This pair have the original, correct and rather special KEF B200 (SP1039) large magnet, large voice-coil, extended throw bass/mid drivers, original and correct KEF T27 (SP1032) treble drivers and original and correct KEF BD139 (SP1042) passive radiators for wonderful deep, extended but still tight bass. There are some tiny little blemished on the treble driver domes, but this doesn’t show-up in the pictures and has no effect whatsoever on performance.

Physical condition is pretty good, with just a few little blemishes in line with their age. As always, the foam grilles have long since turned to dust, but Wilmslow Audio will supply enough acoustic foam for both speakers for just £10. Ask them nicely and they’ll even cut it to the correct size for you. The Velcro strips are still intact so just put your new grilles in place and Bob’s your uncle.

If anyone tells you that there is no difference between the original 104 and the 104ab up-grade then they are most definitely wrong. The 104aB up-grade uses an improved Butterworth type crossover, which not only decreases the colouration evident on the earlier 104 models (making a great improvement to voices and stringed instruments), but also increases the power handling from 50 to 100 watts RMS. Pictures 14, 15 & 16 tell the ‘aB’ upgrade story and associated benefits.

These will be supplied to their new owner in their original carton styrene packaging. The original outer cardboard boxes are beyond redemption and have been disposed of (see last picture). These styrene cartons will be wrapped around with generous additional cardboard for extra safe transport and will be supplied to their new owner with a pair of original KEF logo badges, shown in picture 13.

Picture 17 is from the 1979 Hi-Fi Year Book


Payment accepted via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Personal Cheque or cash on collection.

Economical worldwide shipping via UPS or FedEx - Double-boxed, tracked and insured.


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