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Goldring Gl75 - 231020

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Goldring GL-75
w/ Goldring G850 MM Cartridge


Goldring GL-75

With infinitely adjustable speed (between less than 16 RPM and more than 78 RPM) and fitted with Goldring G850 MM cartridge - with excellent stylus, this classic GL-75 is in full and perfect working order and very nice physical condition (see close-up pictures). New gold RCA plugs just fitted.

The Goldring tonearm is in excellent condition and geometry & bearings are fine. It also has the bias weight and bias weight holder present, which are so often missing with these decks.


• Dynamically balanced turntable
• Viscous damped pick-up lowering device
• Speed adjustment: infinitely variable 30 to 86rpm
• Wow and flutter: 0.6%
• Rumble: -60dB
• Motor: 4-pole constant velocity with conical motor spindle
• Pickup arm: with counter balanced weight and knife edge bearings
• Stylus pressure: 0.5 to 5g
• Mounting distance: 8.3"
• Overhang: 0.675"
• Offset angle: 23 degrees 12 minutes

The last picture is from the 1972 Hi-Fi Year Book.

There is no acrylic cover with this.


Please note: we will not ship this deck. It is both heavy and delicate. In our experience, no matter how well packed it will almost certainly be destroyed during transit. Therefore this is for personal collection only - from CR3 5UF.

Payment accepted bank transfer, personal cheque or cash on collection/delivery


Please contact us either by telephone on 01883 340073
or by sending and email to
if you are interested in purchasing this item.


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