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Celestion Ditton 44

Currently Sold

Celestion Ditton 44
Pair of Quality Monitors


Pair of Celestion Ditton 44

These quality monitors are in full working order and sound wonderful.

The drivers are all working perfectly and they sound absolutely fantastic, with amazing bass extension, accurate mid-band and sweet treble.

The cabinets are good and solid, with some blemishes on the real wood veneer in line with their age (see close-up pictures)

Remember back in the mid 70’s, nose pressed-up against Laskey’s window, tongue hanging out..? You couldn’t afford them then - but now you can.

An awesome pair of British classics for not much money.

The last picture is from the 1975 Hi-Fi Year Book.

These contain Celestion HF2000 tweeters, which sell on eBay for very high prices. However… we hate to break-up vintage speakers and would rather leave these old classics alone, to be enjoyed as was intended.


Please note: These are very heavy and stand just over 30 inches high. Packing and shipping will NOT be an option. These will need to be collected in person by their new owner or we can deliver in person up to 50 miles from CR3 5UF (M25/Jctn6). No pain, no gain.


Please contact us either by telephone on 01883 340073
or by sending and email to enquiries@retrotechaudio.co.uk
if you are interested in purchasing this item.


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